Our Values

At Diamond Pediatric Therapy Company We Value:

Caring – Empathy and success is our passion

We are therapist because we care. Your milestones and goals are our milestones and goals. 

Working Together -Collaborative and goal-oriented

Our passion is in working together for the common good. Internally, with our clients and their parents/ guardians, we are a truly united network. Working together successfully means keeping our partners’ best interests at heart even when it means telling the hard truths.

Patience – Time and commitment to your child

We pride ourselves on committing to milestone achievements but that doesn’t always come overnight. Its is repetition, contentious learning to help make major achievements and we are ready for that commitment. 

Knowledgeable – Strategies that work 

It is our commitment to share what we know to enable your child to grow. We use and teach the strategies we know to work, and that are evidence based practice.